1 Guinea Dog

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Guinea Dog

Written by Patrick Jennings

Reviewed by R.J. S. (age 7)

Guinea Dog

The book is about a kid named Rufus and he wanted a dog but his parents said "No." But one day Rufus's mom came back from work and brought a guinea pig. Later on the guinea pig acted like a dog. Did the guinea pig get out of control? Is it trained to be a dog? Rufus would have to wait to find out.

I loved this book because it teaches me a lesson. I learned that if you don't get the one you want you might still get somethig you like. It is funny and fun to read. My favorite part is when Rufus got a guinea pig. When I read Guinea Dog when there is a part about the guinea pig it reminds me of my hamster. Rufus reminds me of myself because when I asked my parents to get a pet they said "No" but then we got a pet just like Rufus. The guinea pig is similar to a hamster.

You should read this book because it is funny and good for second graders and third graders. This book is good for people who wanted a pet and got a small pet.