1 Beast Quest: Ferno the Fire Dragon

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Beast Quest: Ferno the Fire Dragon

Written by Adam Blade

Illustrated by Ezra Tucker

Reviewed by Darren N. (age 7)

Beast Quest: Ferno the Fire Dragon

Training, training, training. This book is about a tall kid named Tom who is training to be a blacksmith. One day a big dragon named Ferno drank Tom's river. Ferno left burning wheat at a farmer's wheat field. Tom saw smoke going up the sky. Tom ran down. A farmer popped out and told Tom the news. Will Tom find out why Ferno drank the river and why he burned the wheat? Find out by reading Beast Quest:Ferno the Fire Dragon.

My favorite part was when his uncle says yes you can go on this real quest. It's just like when my dad says okay we can get ice cream because I felt really happy just like Tom felt really happy. The lesson in this book was even if you are brave stay with someone so you'll be safe

You should read this book because if you are brave then you would want to read this.