1 The Field Guide Book 1

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The Field Guide Book 1

Written by Holy Black

Reviewed by MacGarret O. (age 11)

The Field Guide Book 1

The Field Guide is a fantasy about unseen creatures that can let you see them if they want you to. They like to play funny tricks and do mean things. One creature’s name is Thimble Tack, and he is really tricky. Thimble Tack is a hobgoblin, so he can change his form when he is mad.

Simon, Jared, Mallory, and their house elf, Thimble Tack, are the main characters in the story. Simon, Jared and Mallory are teenage brothers and sisters who have just moved to a new house in the middle of nowhere. Mallory is the oldest. Simon and Jared are twins. Jared finds a field guide that tells everything they need to know about the unseen creatures. The children all work hard to get themselves out of trouble. If you want to know what happens in this book, read it. It is a really good book.

My favorite character is Jared because he is always finding new adventures. He is courageous and active. My favorite part is when he finds Thimble Tack who had two mice. The mice belonged to Simon, who had lost them. It’s my favorite part because this is the first time that Jared actually sees a creature, and he freaks out.

I liked this book because it told how to use your head. Even these creatures have feelings like us. I like it because it is full of creatures. I recommend this book to people with big imaginations.