1 My Truck is Stuck!

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My Truck is Stuck!

Written by Kevin Lewis

Reviewed by Sean P. (age 7)

The story is about when the dog was driving in the road. The groundhog was digging in the hole then the truck was stuck. The groundhogs were eating the bones and the dog was checking the tire. The problem occurs when the tire was stuck and the groundhogs were digging holes in the road. Read this story to find out why the groundhogs were digging holes.

My favorite part was when the groundhogs were eating the bones because it was funny. I like the dogs because they were saying help, please help. The people do somthing special in this book. All of the people were driving on the road that the dogs were digging holes in.

I recommend this book to people who like funny stories. Students in grades one and two would like reading this book.