1 Caddie Woodlawn

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Caddie Woodlawn

Written by Carol Brink

Reviewed by Lilah R. (age 9)

Caddie Woodlawn

Caddie Woodlawn is a book about a curious tomboy that loves to go on adventures with her brothers. They have a Native American Indian friend that they like to visit. After the birds migrate thier uncle comes and he loves to play tricks on them. He chooses Caddie to go hunting with him. When he went to get his game bag he loosened the pins to Caddie's raft so when she floated back on her raft it fell apart. That evening Caddie's Uncle takes her dog, Nero, to the city to train him to hunt. You should read this book to find out what happens to Nero.

I really like this book so I wrote this review. I love everything about this book. My favorite part is when they visit their Indian friend because the Indian is very nice. He lets them come in to his Indian camp when most white people can't come in because they will wipe out the Indians. I would love to live in the time that they did because they had to hunt for their food and they couldn't just go to the grocery store. I think that would be an interesting way to live. I also liked how they were not always on their cell phones and they had to write letters to contact people. I hope you will read this fascinating story.

I recommend this book for people who love the little house series. I also recommend this book for people who love to read about the frontier days. Happy reading!