1 Beezus and Ramona

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Beezus and Ramona

Written by Beverly Cleary

Illustrated by Louis Darling

Reviewed by Krithi G. (age 8)

Beezus and Ramona

This book is about a girl named Ramona and her big sister named Beezus. This book is also about how they get along. Beezus thinks her little sister is impossible but she's really not. Read this book to find out why Beezus thinks Ramona is impossible.

This book is a great book because it talks about sisters and how they get along with each other. Ramona and Beezus fight with each other a lot, but they still love each other. I also like this book because there are funny problems, like when Ramona tries to make her sister fall, but she falls instead. I would like to read another book in the series that is about Ramona or Beezus.

I think third, fourth, and fifth graders would like to read this book because they will like all the crazy stuff Ramona does. If you read this book you will be amazed because she is just a third grader, but has a big brain. You should read other books in the series if you like this book.