1 Leperchauns never lie

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Leperchauns never lie

Written by Lorna Balian

Illustrated by Lorna Balian

Reviewed by Marianne J (age 7)

Leperchauns never lie

This is a book about a grandma and a girl who are poor. They did not have lot of materials. One day the girl saw a leprechaun. She was hoping to get his pot of gold. I like this book because the leperchaun always lies about the pot of gold. He says it could be in the pond so the girl had to look in the pond. Then she could not find it in the pond. The girl told the lepperchaun, "YOU ARE A LIAR!" I like this book because its about GOLD and LEPRECHAUNS!

My favorite character was the lepperchaun because he looks nice, cute, and weird. I like the illustrations because the leprechaun is the only one in color in the book. As I read this book it reminded me that leprchauns can really lie to everybody in the whole world. I liked this book because the leprechaun is funny and weird.

I recommend this book to 3 graders and 2 graders because they would understand the book. You should read this book in March to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.