1 Over Sea, Under Stone

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Over Sea, Under Stone

Written by Susan Cooper

Reviewed by Yosh S. (age 11)

Over Sea, Under Stone

This is the first book in The Dark is Rising series. The infinite race of good against evil continues and the leader in the race is constantly changing.   Now good seems to be winning because Simon, Barney and Jane find an ancient parchment with what seems to be a map to find the Holy Grail. Soon they realize that evil is catching up and they are in grave danger because of this map, which Mr. Withers, Mrs. Withers and Bill desperately want to get.

This book is full of suspense and action, like a chase or great discovery of an important clue.  I liked it because of this and because at times it was really funny but at others it was blood chilling.  I also liked this book because of its colorful descriptions.  My favorite part was when Simon was chased by one of the bad guys, because there was lots of high speed action.  I think that I am like Simon because I like big boats like he does.  I liked Great Uncle Merry because he was very active and ready to help. 

I would recommend this book for anybody interested in The Holy Grail.