1 Marianna May and Nursey

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Marianna May and Nursey

Written by Tomie dePaola

Reviewed by Marianne J (age 7)

Marianna May and Nursey

Once upon a time there was a girl named Marianna. She had a little family but a very rich family. Her mom and dad were always busy. Then they found a lady named Nursey. She took care of Marianna. It was summer time. In the summer, Marianna wore white and so did Nursey. But Marianna wanted to do many things instead of wearing white, like rolling in the grass or making mud pies. Even eating orange ice or eating strawberry ice cream. Read the story and SEE WHAT HAPPENS IN THIS BOOK.

My favorite part was when Marianna made mud pies. That was my favorite because I thought Marianna would get all muddy and the worms would come on her shoulders. But that DID NOT HAPPEN. The worms are icky, gooey, and slimy, too. Marianna is my favorite character because she has almost the same name as me. The pictures in the book were nice because I liked the colors. The sky was white in every picture.

I recomend this book to second graders and third graders. They would be able to understand the book. I think Marianna is in second grade so they will be able to understand how she feels in the story. I hope you HAVE FUN reading the book.