1 Dinosaur Dinners

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Dinosaur Dinners

Written by Lee Davis

Illustrated by Lee Davis

Reviewed by Jesus (age 8)

Dinosaur Dinners

This book is about dinosaurs that eat meat, plants and other things. This book tells about the size of the dinosaurs and about their life. For example some it talked about how some dinosaurs hunt by running fast or slow. Dinosaurs could be any color. My favorite dinosaur in the book is Styracosaurs. Dinosaurs have many ways to defend themselves from mean meat eaters defend themselves with horns, tails that are made of bones that are very powerful. Corythosaurus have crests that make loud noises that sound like trumpets for locating each other.

My opinion is that dinosaurs are powerful and defend things. I think dinosaurs are really cool, dinosaurs that have lots of armor to keep them safe from meat eaters. My favorite dinosaur is a Barosaurus. It has a long neck and a long tail and it eat plants. And it’s the biggest dinosaur in the world. I did like this book because dinosaurs are my favorite animals in the world. Dinosaurs are interesting animals that lived a long time ago and have all sorts of things that defend themselves. I learned that dinosaurs could be any color and I learned that dinosaurs are interesting animals and they could be camouflage. Dinosaurs lived in the Jurassic time period. Dinosaurs’ names could be strange names and some dinosaurs look strange. Some dinosaur could walk on four legs, and some can walk on two legs, and some could walk on both.

I would recommend this book to a kid that likes dinosaurs because if they love dinosaurs they would like to learn the interesting names and things about dinosaurs. I would not recommend this book to babies because they might be scared of dinosaurs.