1 A Dozen Fairy Dresses

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A Dozen Fairy Dresses

Written by Tennant Redbank

Illustrated by RH Disney

Reviewed by Emily (age 8)

A Dozen Fairy Dresses

The Queen fairy was going to invite all of fairies to see the purple moon and dance. The other fairies wanted Hem to make them a dress and she only had three days to make the dresses. She only made three dresses the first night and she kept on working and working until she finished. Then she finished the dresses in the night. She was relaxing and she almost forgot that she needed a dress too for the party, but she couldn’t find a flower because her time was up. So instead of looking for a flower she used other kinds of plants around her house and made a dress for the party. Then she went to the party and saw everybody and then all the fairies landed on a tree and looked at her because she had a beautiful dress. The queen came and whispered in her ear if she could make a dress for the queen. And they lived happily ever after. The end.

I thought the book would be about a party because the cover showed the girl was sewing a dress. I liked the book because I have Tinkerbelle movie that I like. I like fairies because I have a collection and I love to read about them and check them out in computers. I have a fairy eraser and a pencil case. I like that Hem was very nice to the other fairies to make them all a dress for the party. I would have Hem make me a dress like Tinkerbelle’s. The author created this book because girls like fairies and they like dolls. The author that created this book was very happy because other people may like the book and create the same book but different.

I want to recommend this book to my best friend Nila because she likes Tinkerbelle and she likes dresses. Alice would also like this book because she likes drawing fairies with dresses. Someone who would really really really really really like this book is Karina.