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Flirt Club

Written by Kathleen Daly

Illustrated by Kathleen Daly

Reviewed by LC (age 10)

Flirt Club

Do you like funny books? Well, if so, here's a book called Flirt Club that you may want to read. Some seventh grade girls are having trouble meeting new boys at their middle school. So, Annie and Isabelle decide to start an after school club, The Flirt Club, to help girls with their boy problems. To start, they decide to give the boys flowers. But lots of the boys think that's a little too weird. To find out what finally works for the girls, you'll need to read the book.

I found this book interesting because it was written like a girl's diary and has lots of funny things written down. I would like to be just like Annie because she thought of the idea to start the club and writes lots of ideas in her diary. I think I might start keeping a diary and writing down things since I have read this book. When I was a little girl I liked to get flower petals and leaves and throw them into the sky. This book reminded me of that and, I don't know why, but I really like stories with flowers in them. This story taught me that it is better to be my real self than to try to change a lot to impress new friends-- even boy friends. Even though the book does not have any pictures that was not a problem. I could still understand the story without pictures.

I recommend that girls who want to make new friends read this story. The book was a little hard to read but worth the time and effort. Girls will probably like this story better than boys! When I asked the boys in my fifth grade class, they didn't like the idea of getting flowers from a girl!