1 The Best Story

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The Best Story

Written by Eileen Spinelli

Illustrated by Anne Wilsdorf

Reviewed by DD (age 9)

The Best Story

The Best Story is about a little girl who enters a writing contest to win a trip with her favorite author Anne Miles. So she asks all of her family members what should she write about. All her family members don’t agree with what she should write about for example her Dad tells her to make it a comedy, but when she writes a comedy she doesn’t agree that it sounds good. Then, her she asks her cousin what should she write about .Then, her cousin tells her to do a romantic story so she changes and changes her story to make it perfect but most of the times they don’t sound good. While she is asking her family members her mom stays quiet and at the end her mom tells her that true stories come from the heart .So the little girl changes her story one more time and she makes it about her family. But at the end she doesn’t care if she wins or not because she just had fun writing it.

The book was interesting because it was a short and it made me happy while I was reading this book. I would like to be the little girl’s mom because she was right about that true stories come from the heart. The pictures in the book helped me a lot because I could understand what was happening in the story. The author made me understand the book because she used descriptive language. I also enjoyed how her family had many creative ideas.

I recommend this book to people who love short creative books like this one. I think this is a creative book because it shows how the different ideas her family tells her to make her book about. I also recommend this book to people who love enjoyable books like The Best Story.