1 Skeleton Creek

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Skeleton Creek

Written by Patrick Carman

Reviewed by RF (age 9)

Skeleton Creek

In the book Skeleton Creek, Ryan was trying to find out if he was alive or dead because he has a dream that comes true each week and there are bad things happening to his friends. So, he finds out part of the thing he was trying to find out. He finds out the other part of if he was alive or dead but he was alive. Ryan had a big problem when he solves the other part-- there was a guy chasing him so he ran.

This book is cool because it makes you want to carefully read every single book of Skeleton Creek. In this book the author helps you understand what he is saying about the book by using easy words and everyday language like people talk. If I was a character I’ll be the guy that was chasing Ryan but I would also kind of like to be Ryan because he does all of the action. I also like this book because it is interesting in all of the pages but some are better than other ones. I like this book because in every book it becomes better and better with each book of Skeleton Creek.

I think 4th grade and 5th grade students can read this because it is a challenge to read this book but if you are a good reader it will not be too much of a challenge.