1 Hooray for Reading Day

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Hooray for Reading Day

Written by Margery Cuyler

Illustrated by Arthur Howard

Reviewed by JO (age 9)

Hooray for Reading Day

My book is about a little girl named Jessica who didn’t know how to read in class because she is in kindergarten and Jessica has to wear a costume while she reads, also her class gets to eat cupcakes and gets to drink juice too. But by practicing at home she was learning how to read. Do you think that Jessica is going to learn how to read? You could find out when you read the book.

My favorite part about the book is that a little girl named Jessica didn’t know how to read but her teacher teaches her how to read in her class. She was practicing how to read at her house. This book is similar to the book that is called 100 Day of Worries and that is the book that is similar to this book Hooray for Reading Day. At first Jessica doesn’t know how to read so, she practices at home so she learns how to read at last. This book reminds me of my little cousin that didn’t know how to read but then my little cousin finally knew how to read last.

I recommend that you should read the book Hooray for Reading Day because it’s really interesting. Also you might relate, to Jessica who didn’t know how to read. Then you can see how successful she is at reading. Finally you will feel excited that Jessica learned how to read and reads all the time so you could find out.