1 Halloween Hideout

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Halloween Hideout

Written by Megan E. Bryant

Illustrated by Laure Thomas

Reviewed by CA (age 9)

Halloween Hideout

I’m going to write a report about Halloween Hideout. Who joined together and from a club? This story is about six friends Strawberry Shortcake, Angel cake, Huckleberry, Orange blooms, Blueberry, and Ginersnap. They always have exciting adventures. When there all meeting up, to talk about what they’re going to do for Halloween. All of them were talking about what they were going to be. But then a horrible storm comes and breaks the roof and cause the carpet to get all wet. First they thought that Halloween was ruined, but then Huckleberry comes to the rescue. He tells them about a cave that not creepy. So then the next day comes and he shows them the cave and then all liked it so they decide to call it Halloween Hideout.

This book is interesting to me because it makes me think what I am going to do for Halloween. It makes me wonder if I can from a club so I can have fun adventures. In this book it taught me that friends aren’t something in a life time and that you can’t throw it away. The book helped me understand because it had a lot of details. The picture helped me kind of because it made me think of what was happening. My favorite character is strawberry shortcake because she is kind and she cares for her friends.

I recommend this book to third grade girls, because it might be funny to them. And then they might get ideas for Halloween. This book is adventurous book and so you might like the book Halloween Hideout.