1 Shiloh

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Written by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Reviewed by Nelson Z. (age 14)


Shiloh is a very lovable book. It tells the story of Marty, an eleven year old boy, and Shiloh, a beagle. They meet one day while Marty is out on a walk. Shiloh belongs to Judd Travers and his timid nature leads Marty to believe that Judd abuses Shiloh. Marty can't convince his parents to allow him to keep Shiloh since he doesn't have any visible bruises, even though Marty is shocked at Shiloh's poor living conditions. Marty knows that he must rescue Shiloh, but how?

My favorite part of the book was when Marty first met Shiloh. The way the author developed their relationship was very neat. I thought Marty was an interesting character. Even though he was only twelve, he had the determination of someone twice his age. He also changed Judd Travers, who had been Marty's enemy and then became his friend. I also loved how the setting in West Virginia was carried out in the language and dialogue. While reading this book, I felt empowered to accomplish something good just like Marty was trying to do!

I would recommend this book to anybody looking for a good, heartwarming story. It is simple enough to read to a child, but complex enough for an advanced reader to enjoy. People of all ages can appreciate the story told in Shiloh, which is why anybody can read it.