1 Gerald Mc Boing Boing

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Gerald Mc Boing Boing

Written by Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Mel Crawford

Reviewed by Yaquelin M. (age 9)

Gerald Mc Boing Boing

This story is mostly about a two-year old boy that has problems he can not speak any words he just says some funny words like boing, cuch, kooto. My favorite part of the story is that when he said his funny words that I can laugh to death. P.S. there is a surprise a the end and I cant tell you so if you want to know go and read this book and find out what it is it is funny and also go and find out what happens at the end part. I like this book and I what you to read it so you can find the funny words that are in the book. This problem in the story is that he cannot speak any words and the other people treat him like he is just not McCloy his name is McBoing Boing the noise making boy.

My opinion of the book is that it is funny. I want you to read it and find out how want it might be or how funny it will be.

I recommend this book to my brother because I want him to talk and try to say funny words. I also recommend this book to my dad because I want him to say jokes to me when he talks to me.