1 Walter the Farting Dog

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Walter the Farting Dog

Written by William Kotzwinkle

Illustrated by Audrey Colman

Reviewed by Brandon F. (age 9)

Walter the Farting Dog

This book is about a family that goes on a cruise with their dog that farts a lot. Then Walter, the dog, was taken to the pet room. He was going to fart, so he tried to hold it, but he could not. So he let it go. After the animals went wild and the people that were playing golf smelled Walter’s fart, the pet officer Smedley went to find out what smelled terrible. Then he found out that the smell was Walter’s fart, so he opened the pet room windows, but that did not work. They put Walter in the stinky cheese room but people could still smell his farts whenever he farted. Find out what will happen next!

I think Walter should stop holding his farts so they can let him on the cruise. I think it was a funny book because Walter farts a lot.

My favorite part is when they put him in the room of stinky cheeses because there are three different cheeses in there. I recommend this book to people that like dogs.