1 The Drinking Gourd

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The Drinking Gourd

Written by F.N. Monjo

Illustrated by Fred Brenner

Reviewed by VictoriaU. (age 10)

The Drinking Gourd

This book is about how a president and his son were helping a family of slaves. But that was against the law. Also, in the story, he put the slaves in a carriage. When the soldiers came to look for the family, the family was gone because the president was hiding them.

I think that this story is good because if you are learning about slavery from the olden days, then you can know more about slavery. This is about how they tried to stop slavery by hiding people who were slaves.

I recommend this book to people who are learning about this type of thing because it will be easier to them to learn a lot. Also, if slavery comes back again they can find a way to stop it by reading this book.