1 Who Stole the Wizard of Oz

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Who Stole the Wizard of Oz

Written by Avi

Illustrated by Derek James

Reviewed by Kate T. (age 10)

“Who Stole The Book The Wizard of Oz”, is the question Becky a neighbor of the library keeps asking herself. Becky is an unpredictable student and is also is being blamed for stealing 6 valuable books from the library. She is being blamed as the suspect because earlier in her day she had been at the library wanting The Wizard of Oz for her twin brother. As Becky is blamed she learns lessons by the end. She also learns to trust no one.

I thought this book was a good book because it had a lot of red herrings and things that always seemed to trick you. One of the reasons why I liked this book was because it was descriptive and told a lot of clues but in the end there was just one big lightbulb that finally seemed to light up in my head. Another reason why was because the author didn’t try to push the story to keep going and keep going like a lot of other stories I have read, it just seemed to make reading fun for me. I now always think that there might actually be a book out in the world that I might actually love.This book will be the most magnificent mystery you will ever read!

It is a good book for all kids but especially good between the ages 7-11, if you want to read this book you need to have a flexible mind and your thinking cap on you at all times.