1 King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

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King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table

Written by Howard Pyle

Illustrated by Pablo Marcos Studio

Reviewed by AJ L. (age 12)

Long, long ago there lived a noble King named Uther Pendragon. He had many brave knights and with his two assistants one was a great wizard named Merlin. As for the other he was a trusty knight named Sir Ulfius. With the help of these men and the loyalty of his knights, King Pendragon reined supreme over all of merry old England. Uther had a wife and her name was Igraine and she had two daughters from her previous husband. That's right she was married before and as they say she loved and she lost.

Uther and Igraine had a baby boy and they kept his birth a secret from the people. One time, when Uther and Merlin had a secret meeting, Merlin told the king that he foresaw the future. He told the king that he would fall sick with a great fever and would kick the bucket. Just at these words, the king said that Merlin would take care of the baby boy if that should happen . I can not tell you any more, because I will spoil the surprise. If you want to know more here's an idea "READ THE BOOK''.

I recommend this book to people who are into mystery , magical and have a interest in medieval times. This book is for grade 5 and up there are great pictures in the book that spark your interest. The story is a classic.