1 The Little Painter of Sabana Grande

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The Little Painter of Sabana Grande

Written by Patricia Maloney Markun

Illustrated by Robert Casilla

Reviewed by Briana G. (age 8) & Yesenia H. (age 8)

The Little Painter of Sabana Grande

This book is about a little boy who tries to find paper all over Sabana Grande so he can paint. His teacher told him how to make paint, so he did, but then he didn't have any paper. When he was sitting at the table, he thought he could paint on the house because it is smooth and white. Will his parents let him paint on the house? You have to read the book to find out. We liked the part when he was drawing a rooster on the dirt. We also liked the part when everybody in the two villages came to see him paint the whole house. We liked how the pictures were drawn. The story made us think of Eddie, a boy in our class who is a good artist. We think that more people should read this story because it is a good story