1 Arthur's Lost Puppy

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Arthur's Lost Puppy

Written by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Valerie G. (age 7) & Rudy S. (age 8)

Arthur's Lost Puppy

Arthur, D. W., Pal, and Kate went to the fair. D. W. lost Pal at the fair. Pal is their puppy. They lost him when the baby Kate started crying. Will D. W. find Pal? What will make Kate stop crying? Read the book and find out. It was a funny book, because D. W. lost Pal. Pal ran away. We liked the part where Pal got the balloons and they carried him to Arthur's house. We saw the cartoon about the book, and that's why we chose it. We think people should read the book because the pictures look good and it's funny.