1 All the Lovely Bad Ones

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All the Lovely Bad Ones

Written by Mary Downing Hahn

Reviewed by Courtney S. (age 11)

All the Lovely Bad Ones

This story will be sure to keep you reading! It's full of spooky haunting spirits that stir in the night! It all started when Travis and his sister Corey read a book about the Fox Hill haunting that occurs at the inn. Travis and Corey decide to pull a prank to spook the visitors staying overnight. It's all fun and games until they awake something that should have stayed asleep. Now they need to help the children that have been tortured by the mysterious ghost and put them back to rest.

This book will take you above and beyond! It's full of mysteries that will force you to read more! Nobody will be able to stop reading this spine tingling story. It isn't like any other book I've ever read! It gives off emotions like sadness, terror and maybe a little comedy! As I read this book, I wondered, what was going to happen to the tortured children? When would the evil mysterious lady stop? Will Travis and Corey survive? I couldn't stop reading! Like I said, It's a book that will take you above and beyond!

You should read this book because it draws you into the story and you'll feel like you're really there! If you like ghost stories with mysteries that make your teeth chatter and spine tingle, then you should read this book!