1 Morty's Roadside Refreshments

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Morty's Roadside Refreshments

Written by Kathy Hoggan

Illustrated by Joel Snyder

Reviewed by SL (age 8) & DZ (age 7)

Morty's Roadside Refreshments

In this book, a mouse named Morty and his friends sell lemonade, brownies, and other yummy treats in order to raise money to go to summer camp. They set up a lemonade stand, but they ran out of supplies very fast. So, the mice started selling smaller portions and watered down lemonade for the same price, but the customers were getting upset. Morty's dad came to the stand, and told Morty that he was charging too much money for too little product. So, the friends decided to make it up to their customers by giving away their treats for free. Read this book to find out if the mice earned enough money to go to camp.

We think that this is a very good book because there is lots of math in it. We think that the illustrations in the book are bad, because there is no color in the pictures. Our favorite part is when the mice went on a trip to Adventures Rock Mouse Camp, because that is what they were raising money for.

Mathematicians would enjoy this book because there is a lot of math to figure out. We think that this book could be easy for some second graders, and could be hard for some because there are a lot of big words. Kids and adults might like this book because they sell lemonade, and a lot of people like lemonade.

SL and DZ
are students in
Mr. Fulton's 2nd Grade Class