1 One Potato

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One Potato

Written by Sue Porter

Illustrated by Sue Porter

Reviewed by Shweta L. (age 5)

One Potato

This book is about some animals who want to eat a potato. There's only one potato and the animals are hungry. They do contests to see who's the winner and who gets the potato.

I liked this book because it has pictures of a brown potato, and I like potatoes. I also like the pictures of the animals because they are beautiful, and the pig's face looks very funny. I like it when the sheep is upside down because it?s so silly. I've never seen a sheep do that before! When I read the book I feel happy, because it has good and funny words.

If anybody comes to school and stays here for some time, I'd read them this book because it would make them laugh. I think kindergarten children would like this book.