1 The Day of the Field Trip Zombies

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The Day of the Field Trip Zombies

Written by Scott Nickel

Illustrated by Cedric Hohastadt

Reviewed by Rudy L. (age 9)

This book is about a 5th grade student named Trevor Walton whose mom did not want him to be a zombie buster. Trevor goes on a field trip with his class to the Gorman Aquarium. The field trip guide's assistant, Dr. Brainium, is a zombie and turns all the students, except Trevor, into zombies while on the field trip. Trevor realizes that there is a controller that Dr. Brainium uses to turn them into zombies. Trevor needs to get the controller and bust the zombies.

My favorite part is when the students turned into zombies, but they weren't dead zombies like in the movies. They were brain controlled. They had scary green faces and held their arms out when they walked.

I also liked the setting of the book. It would be fun to go to an aquarium for a class field trip and see the sharks. I wouldn't mind turning into a zombie and scaring my friends while we were there.

I would recommend this book to kids like me who want plenty of action and adventure. You need to like zombies, too, or you might be too afraid to read it.