1 Anansi and the Seven Yam Hills

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Anansi and the Seven Yam Hills

Written by Elizabeth Lane

Illustrated by Bruce Martin

Reviewed by CA (age 8)

Anansi and the Seven Yam Hills

One day, Anansi was counting his seven yam hills, when he discovered a magic word. This word made everyone fly up into the sky. Anansi's friends went shooting into the sky when Anansi tricked them into saying the magic word. A funny part was when the Hippo said the magic word, and he went up into the air and almost squashed a little bird. It was weird that Anansi was a spider, but he was in a man's body and could talk. This book can teach you to never fool your friends because some friends are sly. Read this book to find out the magic word.

This liked this book because the characters were great. My favorite part was when the Hippo was tricked by Anansi, and he almost fell on a bird, because it was funny. The illustrations were excellent because it was detailed and showed lots of colors.

Kids who like animals would enjoy this book because there are lots of characters who are animals. Adults might not like this book because they might not enjoy seeing Anansi tricking his friends. Other kids would like this book because it is so funny and easy to read.