1 Creep From the Deep

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Creep From the Deep

Written by R. L. Stine

Reviewed by Edward S. (age 9)

Creep From the Deep Deep by R.L Stine is about when a boy named Billy, who is 11, and his older sister Sheena, who is 12, meet their Uncle George at the beach. Their Uncle George is a scientist and he tells Billy and Sheena that he has found the sunken Red Skull ship that has been lost for hundreds and hundreds of years. They take their grandpa’s submarine to find the Red Skull. But soon they realized they have entered a new dimension. A dimension with half dead pirates and snakes. Soon they know that it was a big mistake because they come across a dark fog, and when they got out of the fog they realized they lost someone very important. There are worse things than that because they entered a new realm when they bumped into the Red Skull. Soon they realized that they woke up the dreaded pirate crew of pirates, Ben, and the crew started attacking. Captain Ben punched a hole and water started leaking in the submarine. Will they make it out alive ? Well, you have to read the book and find out.

I think the book Creep from The Deep was great! I liked it because the things you least expected happened. My favorite part in the story was when Billy steered the submarine when the auto-pilot shut down. People who like freaky or scary stories might like this book. The characters in the story are very interesting. Their Uncle George is super-smart because he is a scientist. My favorite character from the story was Sheena because she was always trying to scare Billy and prove she was the toughest one in the family. Sheena changed in the story because when they entered a new realm she admitted she wasn’t the toughest one in the family.

I recommend this book for kids who are 7-12. The author’s writing style might interest readers. I think this book is great because it is adventurous, scary, and a bit funny.