1 Chewy and Chica

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Chewy and Chica

Written by Ellen Miles

Reviewed by Jaden S. (age 9)

Lizzie and Charles saw a truck outside with puppies in it. Somebody was selling them so Mrs. Dobbins bought them all. Then they put the puppies in a pet shop until all the cages are full. There were two puppies left. They are the smallest puppies and they are brother and sister. So Lizzie and Charles get to keep them until they find a forever home. The boy puppy is brown and white. The girl puppy is black and white. Lizze and Charles make a bet to see whose puppy is better. If you read the book you will find out who will win.

This book is part of a series called ‘The Puppy Place.’ This book is different like all the other books except it is a special edition because there are two puppies instead of one. My favorite part is when one of the puppies always has to go out and do its business every 30 minutes because you only take a dog out three times a day. I think it is a good book because both of the puppies do something they shouldn’t do. One of puppies changed by not doing its business in its bed.

I would recommend this book for people who like small puppies.