1 Little House on the Prairie

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Little House on the Prairie

Written by Laura Ingalls Wilder

Illustrated by Garth Williams

Reviewed by Andrea B. (age 9)

Little House on the Prairie

This book is about a girl named Laura and her family. Laura has one younger sister named Carrie and one older sister named Mary and a Ma (Mom) and Pa (Dad). They are moving to Indian Country during Winter. They are moving because they are too many people living in the Big Woods of Wisconsin and there are no more animals to eat. They are going to Indian Country by wagon. When they are riding they have lots of adventures.

I thought this book was very interesting. My favorite part is when there is a fire and Laura saves her sisters. I liked that part because it was so exciting. My favorite character is Laura because she is intelligent, funny and adventurous. I like the pictures because they are detailed and if you don’t understand what the author is saying you can look at the pictures and they will help you understand. The pictures are in black and white. This book is part of a series, and it’s the the third book in the series. All the books are about how Laura grew up. I like this book because it’s really exciting and fun. I think that people that like books about pioneer times will like this book.