1 The Lightning Thief

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The Lightning Thief

Written by Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Drew N. (age 10)

An 11 year old boy named Percy Jackson is accused of stealing Zeus’s Lightning Bolt. But Percy’s Dad is Poseidon so Percy is a demigod. All demigods go to a special training camp so Percy his mom and his friend Grover go to the camp. On the way there a creature called the Minotaur attacked them and took Percy’s mom to the under world. Soon enough Percy goes on a adventure to get his mom back.The rest you can read for yourself.

I liked this book because it makes you imagine an image in your head. Another reason why I like this book is its really descriptive and you can really see what the author was thinking when he was writing the book. He really describes all the characters so you can imagine you’re sitting right across from them.

I recommend this book to a person who likes adventure stories and action. I also recommend this book for a person who likes cliff hangers. The ages to read this book are ages 8-12. I’d rate this book 8 stars out of 10 stars because its a good read and has a lot of excitement.