1 Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise

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Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise

Written by Kate DiCamillo

Illustrated by Chris Van Dusen

Reviewed by Cole E (age 9)

Mercy Watson: Princess in Disguise

Have you ever seen a pig treated like family, talking to her, dressing her up, and going out trick-or-treating?

Mercy does not care about getting dressed up or going out trick-or-treating. Mercy is more interested in eating treats like toast and candy. When Mercy goes out trick-or-treating the neighbors think it is ridiculous to see a pig in a costume.

Should the Watson's listen to what the neighbors say? Or do the Watson's do what they want to do with Mercy?

I liked the part when Mrs. Watson and Mr. Watson hugged Mercy because it looks cute. My favorite character in the book is Mercy because she eats too much toast. Mercy is a funny animal because she is crazy when she runs out of the house when Mr. and Mrs. Watson tell her that they are going somewhere.

I recommend this book to pig loving readers.