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Things Not Seen

Written by Andrew Clements

Reviewed by Tess L (age 9)

Things Not Seen

Bobby Phillips is an ordinary high school kid with annoying parents. For example, his dad has scientific theories about everything (That might sound okay, but try living with someone who does that all the time.)until now. He has a problem. He turned invisible! He doesn't know what caused it. What if people start finding out?

If happened one cold February day. He looked in the mirror but he wasn't there! After his parents calmed down about his appearance (or non appearance) he decided to go out. He likes books so he goes to the library and meets a blind girl named Alicia. He has to tell her about his secret. The school is getting suspicious about him not coming.

One night he calls Alicia with an idea. She has an idea of her own. Will it work? Or will he stay invisible forever?

My favorite character was Alicia because she had gone through a lot but she still managed to find friends. My favorite part was when they figured out how to solve their problem because it kept you in suspense as they waited for something to happen. The story made me think about how it would feel to be blind and how hard it would be.

I recommend this book because it shows that you can make friends with everyone even if they are different.