1 If I Ran the Zoo

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If I Ran the Zoo

Written by Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Emily (age 7)

Gerald McGrew saw only two animals in the zoo and he thought about other places that animals live in. So, McGrew thought he would catch all the animals from Hippo-no-Hungus and many other places. The animals have different sizes and shapes and different things that they wear. Some live far and some live high. Some live down and some live up. Some walk. Some run. Some creatures can be strange, some can be scary. Some are pretty and some are fluffy. Every animal is not the same and some have families. People stared at the lion with 5 feet in the front and 5 in the back. Everyone was coming to see the animals McGrew found. All of the animals were big. People who come to McGrew’s zoo will be so surprised that they will swallow their gum!

I liked this book because it has funny pictures of animals, like hens with topknots that roost on top of each other. My favorite part is when everyone comes to McGrew’s zoo and sees all the animals like the family of deer with really big horns. I like that the story rhymes. I didn’t like one of the animals because he looks mean and has a moustache.

I would recommend this book to little kids because they could read it every day because it is funny. I wouldn’t recommend it to big kids because they like bigger books.