1 The Cat in the Hat

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The Cat in the Hat

Written by Dr. Seuss

Illustrated by Dr. Seuss

Reviewed by Maria C (age 9)

The Cat in the Hat

The book is about a boy and his sister, Sally. Sally did not know what to do. They were so bored because it was wet outside. The Cat in the Hat came and said “Why are you two sitting there like that?” The Cat in the Hat did tricks and the fish did not like it, he said “No, no, no, you should not be here when Mom is not here.” The Cat in the Hat played the game Up, Up, Up with the fish but the fish did not like it and the Cat in the Hat said, I can do more things and carry more things than you. The Cat brought a big red box that had Thing One and Two in it and they made a big mess and the fish did not like it. The Cat in the Hat said not to worry and he cleaned up the mess. And the boy and his sister Sally went back where they were sitting and the mom came home and asked what they did today. The boy and his sister, Sally, did not say anything.

This book sounds like a rhyme. I like that because it makes it more fun like you’re singing a song. This book is funny. The Cat in the Hat never lets the kids get in trouble which is good because he knows that it’s all his fault. And when kids are bored he comes by and plays a game with him. I like that because it gave the kids something to do instead of looking out the window for an hour. I like the fish because he already knows the rules, he doesn’t like people coming into the house when the mom is not there. The Cat doesn’t worry when he makes a mess because he knows he’s going to clean it up. I like it because he knows he did it so the kids should not clean it up because he made the mess.

I would recommend this book to my brother because he likes to read The Cat in the Hat. My little brother watches it and the older one reads it and I like it because it rhymes. My brother would like the cat because he’s funny. My other brother would like the fish because he’s funny too. My brothers would like the book because they like the characters when they rhyme and have fun with the brother and sister.