1 The Ugly Duckling Retold and Illustrated

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The Ugly Duckling Retold and Illustrated

Written by Rachel Isadora

Illustrated by Isadora Rachel

Reviewed by JA (age 7)

The Ugly Duckling Retold and Illustrated

Have you ever seen an ugly duckling before? This ugly duckling doesn't look anything like his brothers. His brother makes fun of him. My favorite part was when his mom laid eggs. Find out if the ugly duckling turns beautiful-- read this book.

I love this book because it is really cool. I have never seen a black duck-- have you? My favorite part is when the ugly duckling's mom had babies because this baby was very nice. I thought the illustrations were great because they looked so real.

I recommend this book because my sister likes ducks. I think students who like ducks might like this book because the ugly duckling might turn beautiful. You are in for quite a surprise at the end of this story.