1 Goose on the Loose

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Goose on the Loose

Written by Ben Baglo

Illustrated by Shelagh McNicholas

Reviewed by Kyle T. (age 7)

Goose on the Loose

There were some friends named Mandy, James, Callie, and Tom. They wanted to help each other. One of the friends, Callie, was going out of town, and she wanted someone to watch her pet goose, so she asked her friend, Mandy, who had a parent who was a vet. Callie told them to follow her to where the goose was, so they did. It was fun for them to take care of the goose.

I liked this book because it was funny. My favorite part was when the goose rubbed its head on the girl. I like it when dogs do that. The book made me think of my dog because the goose acted like a dog. It made me feel happy because the friends helped each other when they went out of town.

I recommend this book because it has good characters. I think my dad would like the book because he likes geese. I think people would like the part when the goose rubbed its head on the girl because it’s funny that a good would do that. Usually only a dog would do that.