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Honey Honey

Written by Jo Windsor

Illustrated by Richard Hoit

Reviewed by Pablo P (age 9)

The book is about bears getting honey. The bears were walking and walking and then the bear was hitting a bees’ hive with a stick to try to get honey. The bees came out and chased them because they were hitting their house. So the bears ran to their house and ate jam because they couldn’t get any honey.

I liked this book because I thought it was funny when the bees were chasing the bears. I thought they were going to get stung. I also thought it was exciting when the bees were chasing them. If I were a bear I wouldn’t try to get honey from a bee hive because I’m afraid of being stabbed by a bee. I would buy my honey at the store. I liked the illustrations because their was a map showing you were the bears were going.

I recommend this book to my family because they really care for me. I recommend this book to my friends because they will like the part when the bees were chasing the bears. I also think the book is boring and I want to make my friends feel bored.