1 The Legend of the Blue Bonnet

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The Legend of the Blue Bonnet

Written by Tomie dePaola

Illustrated by Tomie dePaola

Reviewed by Francisca P. (age 10)

This book is about a girl named she-who-is-alone, one day in here town it was to dry and here family had died. And she was too lonely in her town and she was the only girl with out a family. She just had a doll that was made from buckskin-the doll was called warrior doll. The doll was painted with the juice of berries. It wore beaded leggings and a belt. The warrior doll reminded her of her parents.

I felt sad about the girl because she was lonely and she didn’t have anyone that cared about her. I feel bad for her because she had to burn her doll for the spirits, and in return the spirits gave her flowers, grass, and rain.

My opinion is that I liked this book because it is about loneliness about a girl whose family died and she has to give away a doll she really likes and when she went on the top of a big hill, she burned her doll and after she burned it, she didn’t change her mind and the spirit listened to her and gave the town rain, flowers and water. When they lived in the town there were no water and flowers. What I liked about this book is that a girl had a spirit who listened to her and she never gave up.

I recommend this book to my mom because it is telling her about how Native Americans used to live and how a girl gave up her doll to make the spirit rain and grow flowers. My mom will like the book because she likes nature. She will learn about how not to pollute and if you like a doll, or something that is precious to you and give it away, you will never forget about the precious things.