1 When Dinosaurs Die

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When Dinosaurs Die

Written by Roberta Brown

Illustrated by Marc Brown

Reviewed by Keyana M (age 10)

When Dinosaurs Die

The book is about how you still are alive and how sometimes someone can die from illness and accidents. It is about how other people can die like old people and also by poverty, prejudice and drug abuse. Dead means when you’re heart stop and you cannot breathe, see, hear, touch, play, feel, or think.

People feel sick and very tired when someone dies. They also feel sad, lonely, and hurt. If someone dies the book says there is no reason for you to feel upset because it is natural. The book says if someone dies in your family you will at least have your friends to be there for you. Everyone has to decide how to say good-bye. During funerals, there is a lot of sadness and it shows that you love them.

There are customs like burning incense and light candles. No one knows for sure what comes after death.

I think this book is very interesting because it’s teaching me about death and what I can do if something happens to you. It tells me how sometimes I can die and what can make me die like illness and other stuff. If someone I knew died, I would feel sad and cry for a day.

I would recommend this book to my friends and family because they need to learn how you can die and how things can make you die. They would like this book because it is teaching you a lesson about death. I would not recommend this book because dying makes people sad sometimes. What I liked most about the book is that it has a very important lesson for everyone including me.