1 Poppy

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Written by Avi

Reviewed by Eli E. (age 11)


Poppy and her friend Ragweed go to an edge of Dimwood Forest. Poppy tries to get Ragweed to cover, but he does not listen while Mr. Ocax is trying to catch and kill him.

Poppy goes for help. She and the other mice try to think of ways for food. Poppy meets a porcupine called Ereth. Poppy is concerned because a fox followed her and if she touches Ereth, she will die.

Poppy tries to escape so Ereth gets the fox away from Poppy. Then they try to find Mr. Ocax to give him salt from the salt lick. Poppy takes a needle from Ereth and Mr. Ocax nearly kills Poppy before she kills him.

I would not change anything about the story because it has good detail and information. I like the end of the story because of the salt. My favorite character is Ereth because of his actions in the story. My least favorite character is Mr. Ocax because he has less actions in the story.

This story relates to my life because there are mice, owls, porcupines and foxes in our world. This story has pictures which helps me read. I think others should read this story because it has great pictures and is written with a lot of details. It is very interesting and has nonstop action throughout the story.