1 Chrissa

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Written by Mary Casanove

Illustrated by Richard Jones

Reviewed by Emily S. (age 10)


Charissa is an 11 year old girl who plays with her friends everyday. One day, she finds out that her grandpa died and she moves into her grandpa's house. She moves schools and is very scared. She does not like the school. She moves too because there are Three Queen Bees. They are a group of mean girls.

The first day of school for Charissa doesn't go too well. She meets some new girls who end up being mean to her. She meets a girl who is very shy and ends up being a true friend. One day she invites her over and they become great friends.

At the end, Charisa and the Three Queen Bees get in trouble and have to go to the principal's office. Then all of their parents discuss the situation with them. Tara, one of the Queen Bees, is suspended from Mr. Beaks classroom and has to move to a different classroom while the other two become Charissa's friends. Everyday the three friends play together and have fun while Tara, one of the Queen bees, is in detention.

I would not change anything about the story because I liked the story the way it was told. My favorite part was when Tara got kicked out of class because she is so mean. My favorite character is Charissa because she stands up for herself. My least favorite character is Tara because she is a Brat.

This story relates to my life because some people are mean to me ike Tara was mean to Charissa. I think others should read this story because it gives some good ideas of what to do if you have trouble with friends.