1 The Chocolate Touch

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The Chocolate Touch

Written by Patrick Skene

Illustrated by Margot Apple

Reviewed by Alyssa A. (age 11)

The Chocolate Touch

A 9 year old boy named John Midas lived in a big house with his mom,dad ,and sister. All he could think about was chococlate and that's all he would eat. For breakfeast he would eat chocolate cereal and chococlate milk. He would go to the candy store every day after school and buy chocolate. His sister, Mary, was as healthy as a horse and would never eat candy. She would only eat fruits and vegetables.

One day, John went to the candy store. Like every other day, he decided to buy chocolate. As he was walking out of the store, he saw a shiny coin on the ground. The coin had the letters "JM" on it. He wondered what it meant. He decided to ask the worker if he knew what it meant. The worker didn't know, but he told John he could buy a special box of chocolate with it. The box was called The Chocolate Touch. He thought for a second and decided to buy it. When he got home, he opened the box. He tasted the first piece of chocolate. He loved it because it was rich and creamy. The chocolate was so rich, he needed a glass of water. However, when the water touched his lips, it turned to chocolate milk! He didn't know what happened so he tried it again, but with an orange. The same thing happened. It turned to solid chocolate. At dinner, he didn't eat anything. He just went to bed. When he went to brush his teeth before bed, the toothpaste was chocolate.

The next morning, John got ready for school. Since it was cold outside, he wore his leather gloves. When he wore these, he'd always chewed on them. When he chewed on his gloves on this day, they turned to chocolate. When he got to class, he touched his pencil and the same thing happened. Once he got home, he decided to tell his mom what was happening. As he told her, he touched her and SHE turned iinto chocolate. He ran as quickly as he could to the candy store and told the storekeeper what had happened to his mother. The storekeeper said, "I can help you," and John's eyes widened. The storekeeper told him he would have to choose chocolate or his mother. John thought for a moment. He chose his mother. Right after he said that, the chocolate touch was off him and his mother was back to normal.

I would not change anything about the story. I feel that this was a great book and I loved every part of the book. My favorite part of the story was when his mother turned to chocolate because it's not normal for something like that to happen. My favorite character is John because he loves chocolate like me. My least favorite character is Chloe because she hates chocolate.

This story relates to my life because it is about chocolate and I can like it as much as the character. I think others should read this story because it is a very entertaining book. When I read this book, I couldn't put it down. You will love the book if you love chocolate.