1 The School Story

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The School Story

Written by Andrew Clements

Reviewed by Khushi A. (age 11)

The School Story

A girl named Natalie loved to write and her best friend Zoe supports her along the way. One day Natalie wrote a story and she thought it was pretty good, but she wanted someone else's opinion. She asked Zoe to read what she wrote. Natalie hated that Zoe was so slow at reading the story, but she knew that Zoe would give her honest opinion and she trustedher.

Zoe thought the story was great and that she loved it. Natalie was amazed and together they came up with this plan. The were going to publish Natalie's book under the name of Cassandra Day. Natalie's mom was a publisher, and they were able to publish it without her knowing it.

There were so many of her books that were sold Peole called Natalie and asked her to come to her mom's work for a party. Natalie was surprised and didn't know what to say, but she finally said, "Yes." Zoe and Natalie planned what they were going to do because they they had to tell the truth because they were too young. At the party, that's exactly what they did. Overall, Zoe and Natalie had a great adventure.

I think there should have been a better ending. This book should be a series. My favorite part is when Natalie comes up with a new name for the book. My favorite charactere is Natalie Henson because she is a little like me. I do not have a favorite character because all of the characters have great personalities.

This story relates to my life because I like adventures. The pictures helped me imagine the people and setting. I think others should read this story because it is exciting and will change your life since it shows you how to take risks.