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Written by Gary Paulsen

Reviewed by Youcef D. (age 12)


Hatchet, it was about a boy that went in a plane but the pilot had a heart attack. While everything was silent and then the plane crashes. It was somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, and then Brian, the main character had to survive by himself in a forest with only one tool, a hatchet…..

Brian did not know anything about surviving or what you can eat or drink in the forest, all he knew was just fast foods (Mc Donalds), which was really bad in that kind of situation. He knew that he can drink water from a lake, but that is it……. What he actually did rather than just seating down was thinking about his past and how hard it was because his mom and dad were divorced.

He also tried to survive versus wild animals like bears and wolves until suddenly one day his life changed again and if you want to know about this change read hatchet to find out what happens.

This book is really important for me because I learned at least one lesson that I will never forget, it is that I have to do my best to study, learn, work… and learn survival skills in case one day it will help me when I would be if I ever get lost. These skills could save my life.

While I was reading this book I felt a lot of emotions like frighten because I thought that Brian would not survive, worried because it made me think of my future, relaxed at the end of the book, and it made me interested about what will happen in my future.

If anyone is interested in adventure books or true stories, then I highly recommend this one!