1 Bob Winging It

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Bob Winging It

Written by Joe Jamaldinian

Illustrated by Joe Jamaldinian

Reviewed by Joshua U. (age 6)

Bob Winging It

This book was about a penguin named Bob. He did not like the cold. What makes him feel better is hot cocoa. He is trying to find some place that is not cold and he has to fly. He asks lots of penguins how to fly and they tell him he can't fly. So he tries to fly and he makes a loud "thump". He tries to build wings and he makes a loud "crash". Then he tries to launch himself and he goes "splat". And last he tries to use a rocket which makes a loud "BOOM"! To find out if he flies you should read this book.

I like this book because the pictures look very funny. My favorite part is when he tries to fly by flinging himself, but he goes "splat". I think this part is funny because he crashes into the wall. This book makes me think of the movie "Happy Feet".

I would tell other students to read this book because the pictures are funny. All kids would like this book. It is a real fun book to read.