1 Golden Retrievers and Other Sporting Dogs

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Golden Retrievers and Other Sporting Dogs

Written by Robert N. Knight

Reviewed by Lexi B. (age 7)

Golden Retrievers and Other Sporting Dogs

This book is about golden retrievers, cocker spaniels, and water spaniels. It tells lots of facts about different kinds of dogs. For instance, it says that baby golden retrievers stay with their moms a lot, and if they get out of their box you can gently carry them back to the mom. It also tells about training dogs. It says that golden retrievers can let you know when they need to g out and when they’re not feeling well. I like this book because it talks about dogs and I like dogs. It is a good book. I like the part where it shows three puppies by their mommy. The book has lots of illustrations and they are really cute. They’re pictures instead of drawings, and I like that. There is a picture on every page. I would recommend this book because there are lots of dogs in the book, and most people like dogs. I think my cousin would like this book because she likes dogs. I think people would like the part where it talks about sharing your bed with a dog. It says that once you sleep with a dog, it’s hard to keep him from getting back in the bed. That’s good advice.