1 Magic Tree House Good Morning Gorillas

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Magic Tree House Good Morning Gorillas

Written by Mary Pope Osborne

Illustrated by Sal Murdoca

Reviewed by Jonathan F. (age 8)

Magic Tree House Good Morning Gorillas

There were two kids whose names were Jack and Annie. One night Jack and Annie went to the magic tree house and they wished they were in a rain forest – and they were! They walked around for a while and they met a baby gorilla they named Bubba. Bubba goes everywhere with Jack and Annie. They have lots of adventures together in the rain forest. I liked my book because there was a baby gorilla in the book, and he was funny. Jack was my favorite character because he’s smart. The book makes me think of Backyard Burger because there’s a sound thing like a keyboard there, and you can push a button and hear sounds of the rain forest like where the gorilla lived. There was a gorilla in the story that changed. He thought at first that Jack was bad, but then he changed his mind and thought he was good. He changed his mind because Jack saved the little baby gorilla. I would recommend this book because there are funny gorillas in the story. I bet my sister would like this book because there is a baby gorilla. My sister is almost 6 and she likes the idea of little baby gorillas swinging from trees. I think people would like the part when the gorilla went insane when Jack went on his territory.